"If I look for a job, I look for a stellar recruiter who is #1 on my job search team. What are the qualities of a stellar recruiter and where to find one?
A stellar recruiter possesses industry knowledge and can quickly understand what my abilities are.
A stellar recruiter listens to my professional objectives and job search requirements.
A stellar recruiter is person that I can relate to, rely on and trust.
A stellar recruiter is respected and recognized in the industry he places candidates.
A stellar recruiter creates and executes a “win, win” solution between the applicant and the Firm.
Brian Gamble has all the above skills. He is an awesome recruiter. Call him. He can help you."

Tatyana Gelfand
Senior Internal Auditor

Information for Job Seekers

Thank you for your interest in Accurate Staffing Solutions. Accurate is always on the lookout for the top talent in all of our main Practice Areas.

While we do not typically list open positions for which we are currently recruiting, you are welcome to submit your resume to our office for review if you are seeking new opportunities. We will keep your information on file and contact you if we identify a match for your skills with one of our clients. 

Please direct your resume and detailed cover letter to resumes@staffacc.com.