"Brian is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. 

From our first phone call to the job offer, Brian was excellent in all facets of being a recruiter. He was great at keeping in contact with me throughout the entire process and he was open about me contacting him if I ever had any questions. There were always calls or texts before interviews to wish me good luck and after interviews to see how things went. There was a level of professionalism and courtesy in working with Brian that I have not found in any other recruiter to date.

There is no doubt about it: if I ever had to recommend a recruiter to someone Brian would be that man."

Marcos Davila
Software Engineer
Weill Cornell Medicine

Our Process

Why outsource recruiting? There are two main reasons. First, we're search specialists with the initiative and latitude to seek out the best possible candidates - whether they are actively seeking employment or not. But just as importantly, we've found that our position outside of the hiring company allows us to give our clients valuable perspective. Many times after interviews are completed, we’ve actually been asked by the client to help select the best match from among several of our candidates.

Accurate Staffing Solutions is particularly suited to retained searches, where we will locate, approach, assess and engage the best talent for business-critical appointments including department heads, directors and board-level appointments. We thoroughly research competitor landscapes and confidentially approach potential candidates who may not actively be seeking a new opportunity and will not respond to traditional advertising.

Our formula is successful because we work diligently on every search, sifting through hundreds of resumes and interviewing scores of people to get to the winners. We are thorough interviewers with the ability to identify the most qualified candidates who will fit seamlessly with the client’s culture and needs.

No two searches, clients or candidates are alike, but Accurate Staffing Solutions has created a search process that provides consistently superior results for our clients. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1.

We work hard to understand our client's organization – its history, culture, operations and needs – and the scope of the assignment. We define each assignment clearly including the timing, fees and salary range.

Step 2.

Research and Sourcing begin when both Accurate Staffing Solutions and our client agree upon the specific definition of the position and the attributes of the desired candidate. We review our data sources, including our proprietary database, and analyze target industries. We also initiate confidential discussions with sources of candidates at this stage.

Step 3.

The Interview and Evaluation phase takes place after our research and sourcing efforts locate the inital round of candidates. We interview each one, determine their level of interest, and evaluate their qualifications and personal suitability for the hiring organization and the available role.

Step 4.

Resumes are submitted to the client only for the most qualified, perfectly suited candidates for the position

Step 5.

At this point, it's time to arrange meetings between clients and candidates, and help our clients evaluate the outcome of each meeting. This includes answering questions that may arise, as well as arranging subsequent meeting if necessary.

Step 6.

Once a client chooses a perfect match and extends an offer, Accurate Staffing Solutions helps with the final steps of the process. We will conduct follow-up conversations with the candidate to ensure that the challenge presented to them is both interesting and completely understood. We feel that a motivated employee – from staff accountant to CIO – is a productive, successful and long-term employee.

Lastly, we will even help the candidate plan their resignation, coordinate their start date, schedule any required pre-employment testing, and provide relocation information if needed.