"Once you start working with Brian you can tell he’s passionate and very dedicated to his job. I felt he had 100% focus on helping me succeed and thanks to his experience, tips and deep knowledge of the industry I was well prepared for the intense recruitment process ahead of me. He never left me out of the loop; he’s a great liaison calling after every round to give me feedback from the interviewer. If you’re considering a career change Brian is someone you want on your side. Thanks again for your help! two thumbs up!"

Warren Ang
Product Manager
Eppendorf North America


"Brian is an all-around rock star. Genuine, educational, transparent, and extremely responsive. Brian recruited me for my current role at Cornell University and was extremely helpful through the entire process. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone given the opportunity!"

Connor Dowling

Chief Operating Officer, Weill Cornell

"Brian was an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped me get a fantastic job in a place I really wanted to be. Brian was super helpful at every stage from the start of the interview process all the way to accepting the offer letter. He went out of his way to assure me that this was an opportunity I could not give up. I am so happy that he reached out to me for this opportunity because I could not have done it without him. This experience with Brian has truly given me the confidence that Brian really knows what his clients are looking for. He understands people and he knows what role fits his clients."

Abhi Jain
Financial Systems, Lincoln Center for Performing Arts

"Like many, I'm sure dealing with recruiters weren't always a pleasant experience but receiving that call from Mr. Gamble was the moment things changed for the best. Initial discussions were extremely casual, no pressure and most importantly thoroughly explained. As things progressed through the Interview process, Brian was always up to date and communicated effectively. Brian is also a very positive, supportive and most importantly well equipped with the skills and "know-how" of settling nerves and providing support to candidates prior to interviews. There were also follow up's post acceptance letter just checking in making sure things were settled and was always lending a helping hand. You've set the bar quite high, Brian. Thank you for your efforts!"

Raj Balgobin
Windows System Administrator, Instinet

"Brian was Outstanding to work with! As a highly motivated executive recruiter he maintained a professional demeanor and was always on top of the communication game. He worked hard ensure that my experience and cultural background matched perfectly with the role. He understood my strengths and putting me forward for exactly the right job. He was always there to help throughout the process from first interview to offer. It is clear that Brian has a full understanding of his clients and those of us looking to be placed. I could not recommend Brian more highly. Thank you!"

Odell Jones Jr.

Assistant Director - HR Systems and Analytics, Weill Cornell

"Brian helped me get a great job when I moved to NYC. He was helpful and professional at each step of the way. He didn't waste my time like many of the recruiters I've worked with, and was prompt and direct in managing the hiring process between me and the company."

Isaiah Blodgett
Web Developer, Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

"Brian is knowledgeable, articulate and a pleasure to work with. He reached out to me about a potential opportunity at a moment when I was ready for change. He was in close and constant communication with me throughout the whole interview process, providing me with valuable career advice which still helps me today. He is a person with sound technical knowledge with sheer commitment. I recommend Brian without reservations!"

Fei Hou
Software Engineer, Voyager

"Brian is a wonderful recruiter! He cares deeply about both the people he is seeking to place and his client institutions. He was communicative and supportive through the entire process -- from the official phone screen to the final discussions with HR. I found his guidance to be invaluable, and he always made time to talk whenever I had a question or concern. Brian, I cannot thank you enough!"

Michele Filorimo

Registrar, Weill Cornell

"Brian is an exceptional recruiter, who truly cares about the people he works with when filling roles - both from a company and new hire standpoint. I owe my success in my career to Brian, who really dug in to my background and skills and used his expertise to place me within a growing organization. Brian is highly respected and a much sought after expert. His incredible depth and knowledge can be seen immediately, and his relationships do not stop after job placement. Working with Brian has been nothing but a pleasure and I truly could not have reached the level in my career if I didn't receive that first phone call from him many years ago. My organization in particular has used, and continues to use Brian exclusively for our in-depth skilled and high level positions, and I'm certain there is no one who can debate that. If you are work with Brian, he will work relentlessly to figure out your needs, learn your background and skills, and get you linked with an organization that suits your current needs and future goals.

Brian is more than a recruiter, he is a friend, confidant and all around go-to within the business world. If you connect with him, you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

Thank you, Brian - for all that you do, both for myself specifically and all others around the world!"

Jodi Ventriglia
Chief of Staff, Garden City Group

"I’ve known Brian since 2001. He and his team understand technology and most importantly understand people. Brian is a charismatic and consummate professional who I can fully recommend for senior level Search and Selection assignments. Through his hard work and expertise, Brian has been one of those rare recruiters that has proven time and again he really understands corporate culture, how to navigate it and how to succeed and win! Bottom line - ask him for a quarterback, he’ll line up Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees!"

Latif Khan
Managing Partner, Off Grid Services

"Brian absolutely nailed every aspect of my recent placement.

From the first phone call through the interview process to the offer he never missed a beat. He found a position which both suited my skills and experience and was also a great fit for me. He understands the nuances involved in recruiting the right person for the right job.

Brian was a pleasure to work with and made me feel confident that he was totally on top everything. I received timely email and phone updates and great advice. A couple of times I caught Brian on his lunch break but he was never too busy to take my call.

I can't recommend Brian highly enough."

Chris Baptie

Web Developer, Weill Cornell

"Brian is a great recruiter and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new role. He set me up with my current role at MEMX and really managed every aspect of the entire process. He’s easy to talk to, transparent, and genuinely helpful in all aspects. I can't express my gratitude and appreciation enough, he's truly awesome!"

Phil Arfuso
Web Developer, MEMX

"If I look for a job, I look for a stellar recruiter who is #1 on my job search team. What are the qualities of a stellar recruiter and where to find one?
A stellar recruiter possesses industry knowledge and can quickly understand what my abilities are.
A stellar recruiter listens to my professional objectives and job search requirements.
A stellar recruiter is person that I can relate to, rely on and trust.
A stellar recruiter is respected and recognized in the industry he places candidates.
A stellar recruiter creates and executes a “win, win” solution between the applicant and the Firm.
Brian Gamble has all the above skills. He is an awesome recruiter. Call him. He can help you."

Tatyana Gelfand
Senior Internal Auditor, Instinet

"Brian sought me out for the position I currently hold. Whereas others in his position might be all about the bottom line and care solely about filling their jobs, Brian takes the time to thoroughly get to know you first to ensure you would be happy in the role he’s filling. He’s got great communication skills and is always on top of everything with all parties best interest at heart. I’d certainly work with him again and I’m anxiously waiting for him to be looking for new candidates so I might send a few previous colleagues his way."

Kristen Fernandez

Executive Assistant, Weill Cornell

"3 Ps! When I think of Brian, I think of a precise, pro-active Professional. Brian has been one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He knew that I am an aspiring candidate and he got me set up for a Phone screen with the client right away and i also had the opportunity to interview with the client onsite and it happened pretty quick and of course I did well in the whole interview process. Brian has this amazing quality to follow up and through. He keeps you constantly updated and that makes us as candidates comfortable. So that being said, working with Brian was absolutely a great experience and Good luck Brian and keep up the good work."

Ashwin Sathyamurthi
UNIX/Linux Systems & Storage Administrator, TP ICAP

"Brian has proved time and again that he "gets it". His core strength is engaging in meaningful conversation to adequately understand my needs, and then act on them with consistently positive results. The value that he provides to me as a hiring manager is incalculable."

Jason Zuena
Americas Head of Cash Management Implementations - Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank

"I felt comfortable working with Brian from our very first phone call and throughout the interview process. Brian made sure to touch base and provide feedback from each person I met at my future employer, so I never felt left in the dark. This really put me at ease and actually made me feel more relaxed as I progressed through the interview process. 

Even after I accepted the position Brian provided great advice and was always available to take my call. He truly wants his clients to succeed and find the right match and I'd trust him with any friend or colleague looking to advance their career."

Jessica Rothschild

Senior UX Designer, Weill Cornell

"Working with Brian has been a great refreshing experience. I have had some bad experiences with recruiters in the past. From the very beginning, he was very communicative and knowledgeable. Throughout my transition, Brian guided and mentored me so that I had the confidence going into each interview. I believe that his best attribute is that he genuinely wants his clients to succeed and that in itself had made the process seamless. 

Thank you Brian for everything!"

Christopher Jin
Business Analyst, Instinet 

"During my tenure at Sundance (SVP Branded Entertainment & Sponsorship), we hired Brian to handle recruitment of members of our sales staff. These were non-traditional sales positions - the candidates must have a combination of creative thinking along with knowing how to close deals. Brian consistently delivered top notch talent to choose from and we hired several of them over 2-3 year period. Brian is very professional and reliable and I would recommend him if you're looking for quality staff recruitment."

Kim Gabelmann
Senior Vice President - Branded Entertainment & Sponsorship, Sundance

"Brian is a treat to work with. He and his team reached out to me about a potential opportunity at a moment when I was ready for change but not sure where to best place my skills and focus. He was in close and constant communication with me throughout the screening process, was relatable and easy to talk to, and offered me a level of support and camaraderie that I appreciated very much. I absolutely plan to keep in touch with him and would recommend his services to anyone looking to take the next step in their career."

Jaci Czarnecki Thompson
Departmental Administrator, Weill Cornell

"I received a phone call from Brian Gamble 8 years ago for a position that I applied to. I had very bad experiences with recruiters prior, I was extremely skeptical Brian would be any different.

My life changed that week Brian called, 8 years later I am still with the same great organization and have grown professionally and personally due to this opportunity. I am forever grateful to Brian Gamble for giving me this opportunity.

Thank YOU Brian Gamble."

Ray Scott
Windows Systems Engineer II, Instinet

"Brian is on the leading edge of technical recruiting. He understands the marketplace completely and defines himself with consistency and dedication. Brian works hard for all parties in the recruiting cycle and will help your firm construct a winning team. I recommend him wholeheartedly!"

Will McIntyre
Advanced Technology Account Executive, Zones Inc.

"Working with Brian is a great experience. Most recruiters don't have a deep understanding of IT skills, they mostly just understand key words. Not Brian, he actually understands the skills required to be a good IT technician and will present you to the right organizations that fit your skill set. It was a pleasure working with him to acquire my latest position. And I look forward to working with him in the future should the need or opportunity present itself. Kudos to you Brian for your knowledge, your ability to best prepare me for the interview process, and standing by me while acquiring my latest role."

Daniel Cintron
Senior Engineer EUC, Weill Cornell

"Once you start working with Brian you can tell he’s passionate and very dedicated to his job. I felt he had 100% focus on helping me succeed and thanks to his experience, tips and deep knowledge of the industry I was well prepared for the intense recruitment process ahead of me. He never left me out of the loop; he’s a great liaison calling after every round to give me feedback from the interviewer. If you’re considering a career change Brian is someone you want on your side. Thanks again for your help! two thumbs up!"

Warren Ang
Product Manager, Eppendorf North America

"Brian and his organization were highly professional in all aspects of my interaction with them. He recruited me for a position in my field, at my level of expertise and in my area. His assessment of my skills were on target and within 4 days of his initial contact, I was hired for the position! 

I highly recommend Brian and Accurate Staffing Solutions to any organization looking for a recruiting team that can expedite the location of professionals to fit the company's needs."

Kelly McBride
Regional Vice President & Account Lead, Conduent

"Brian is an energetic and effective manager and recruiter. During his tenure at Photocircuits, Brain was the highest achieving recruiter on the team. He was diligent and relentless in his quest to find the absolute best candidates. His success was driven by his innovation and talent finding the right fit every time.

I have also had the pleasure of working with Brian on a contract basis with Accurate Staffing Solutions. There was never a doubt that Brian would succeed. He continues to provide excellent service to this clients and is professional and easy to work with. His follow up, which is extremely important, is flawless. 

It's a pleasure to recommend Brian. He is a credit to our profession."

Maria Brooks
Senior Manager Health & Benefits, Weill Cornell 

"Brian is a fantastic recruiter, he understands the requirements of the positions, and the importance of fit within the culture of an organization. He took the time to get to know me and to know which opportunity would be the best suited for me. He gave great advice and I’ve grown to trust his input. It was a pleasure working with him through this process and I would recommend him as a recruiter from the standpoint of a candidate as well as an HR professional. "

Judy Conord
Senior Human Resource Business Partner, Acosta Sales & Marketing

"Brian Gamble is by far the best person that I have come across in the Recruiting Industry. Always punctual, personable and well informed, assisted me in getting a phenomenal offer from an amazing company. I will absolutely recommend him to all my friends and I am looking forward to working with him in the future."

Dimitris Papageorgiou
Parnter/Principal - People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young

"Brian is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. 

From our first phone call to the job offer, Brian was excellent in all facets of being a recruiter. He was great at keeping in contact with me throughout the entire process and he was open about me contacting him if I ever had any questions. There were always calls or texts before interviews to wish me good luck and after interviews to see how things went. There was a level of professionalism and courtesy in working with Brian that I have not found in any other recruiter to date.

There is no doubt about it: if I ever had to recommend a recruiter to someone Brian would be that man."

Marcos Davila
Lead Research Informatics Software Engineer, Weill Cornell 

"Aside from placing me at my current firm, and placing the person that hired me, and then helping me find great talent to staff nearly my entire team of 10 people, Brian hasn't done much to impress me in the last few years. 

From the moment I got a call from Brian when I was looking for work, I could tell he was a sharp guy who knew what he was doing. I was the right fit for the role he was trying to fill, and he found me on the internet among a sea of potential candidates, worked with me through the process, and placed me in a position that was right for me at a fair rate. 

Since then, he has helped me find talented, dedicated, conscientious prospective candidates to fill out a team that was newly formed at my company. I have never been disappointed with a candidate that Brian recommended for a position. Sure, we haven't hired them all, but he has never put forth someone that wasn't a good potential fit, and routinely when we don't choose his candidate is because we hired a different candidate he also recommended for the same role. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone seeking to fill nearly any type of role in any type of organization."

Gerard Hanshe, Esq.
Lead Product Manager - Information Technology, Garden City Group

"Brian landed me a series of interviews with my current employer in 2008. Although the interviews went well, they elected to hire another candidate. Brian suggested that I write an additional follow-up email, thanking them for the interview and expressing my interest in future opportunities. To make a long story short, this email made such a positive impression that they brought me in for another interview and extended an offer the next day. I have been with this company almost four years and it could not have been a better fit. Brian is an extremely talented recruiter, knows his business, and just plain "gets it". His endless network of well-built relationships makes Brian an immeasurable resource for those looking to advance their careers and for hiring managers searching for qualified candidates."

Jeffrey Soule
Executive Director of Global Compensation, Instinet

"I couldn’t say more about Brian as a professional and as a person. In his work he is savvy, knowledgeable, experienced, and all around great to work with. He is not just trying to place a role or make a sale. Brian is thoughtful in his work and wants to make sure his placements make sense for both the candidate and the organization. He provided me some valuable career advice that has become even more relevant today than it was months ago when he shared it with me. Aside from that he is an overall great person. If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, do it! You will not be disappointed! "

Brian Kimbiz
Senior Manager - People & Data Systems, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"Brian was great to work with and really helped In the entire hiring process from start to finish. Very informative, easy to talk to, and prepared me well for the interview that he lined up for me. I wouldn’t have nailed it and got the job without his insight and guidance. Was a pleasure from start to finish and since I have even had a number of my new co workers who he also placed reiterate how easy he was to work with and how lucky they feel to have had his guidance."

Joe Miller
Web Analyst, Weill Cornell