"If I look for a job, I look for a stellar recruiter who is #1 on my job search team. What are the qualities of a stellar recruiter and where to find one?
A stellar recruiter possesses industry knowledge and can quickly understand what my abilities are.
A stellar recruiter listens to my professional objectives and job search requirements.
A stellar recruiter is person that I can relate to, rely on and trust.
A stellar recruiter is respected and recognized in the industry he places candidates.
A stellar recruiter creates and executes a “win, win” solution between the applicant and the Firm.
Brian Gamble has all the above skills. He is an awesome recruiter. Call him. He can help you."

Tatyana Gelfand
Senior Internal Auditor


Your success depends on the quality of your team. Accurate Staffing Solutions is the hiring expert you can rely on to provide the best possible matches for all of your professional staffing needs.

We work on both a contingency and retained fee basis for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, depending on their needs. Our elite team of recruiters has conducted hundreds of placements across the United States in many industries including information technology, financial services, media, biotechnology and health care, legal services and more.

Our process, coupled with timely execution, has kept our clients coming to us for many years. In fact, over 80% of our searches are the result of repeat business from our existing client base. We don't wait for applicants to come to us - we actively seek out the best talent for every role.

We select the best candidates based on criteria specifically set for each role with our clients, using competency-based interviewing techniques and extensive referencing for every prospect. Our formula is successful because we work tirelessly on every role - looking at hundreds of resumes and interviewing multitudes of people to get to the winners. We are diligent and exacting interviewers with the ability to identify the most qualified candidates and, just as importantly, those with the greatest "soft skills": intelligence, interpersonal skills, attitude, drive and perseverance.

Accurate Staffing Solutions is headquartered in Huntington, New York and is actively recruiting from coast to coast.