"I couldn’t say more about Brian as a professional and as a person. In his work he is savvy, knowledgeable, experienced, and all around great to work with. He is not just trying to place a role or make a sale. Brian is thoughtful in his work and wants to make sure his placements make sense for both the candidate and the organization. He provided me some valuable career advice that has become even more relevant today than it was months ago when he shared it with me. Aside from that he is an overall great person. If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, do it! You will not be disappointed! "

Brian Kimbiz
Senior Manager - People & Data Systems
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts


Your success depends on the quality of your team. Accurate Staffing Solutions are the hiring experts you can rely on to provide the best people to improve & grow your business.  

Since 2005 we’ve had the privilege to serve our clients’ needs globally. 

SUPERSTARS – our mission is to tirelessly identify exceptional individuals from all backgrounds and ethnicities that are uniquely and individually sourced for every role. As folks whose very business is the intersection of people and process, we can be a valuable source of guidance and advice on deciding whom to hire.

Our Results: We consistently select winners who exceed expectations and have the strength of character and staying power to work through challenges and achieve promotions faster than the average employee (measured and tracked by our clients). This results in very low turnover, a high degree of employee and employer satisfaction and significantly lower total cost of hire.

Specialties in Nonprofit, FinTech, Biotechnology, Education, Healthcare, Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Legal Services, Manufacturing, and Media.

Focus Areas: Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Finance, Accounting, Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Human Resources, Facilities Management, Operations, Business Analysis, Analytics, Project Management, Sponsored Research, Sales Development, Fundraising, Development, Institutional Advancement and more.